Audio/Video Production

Liberal Studies Video

Dr. Patricia Lust, Dept. Chair of the Liberal Studies Department, has contacted the DEC to do a video for opportunities available within the Liberal Studies Department. The DEC has put me in charge of this huge opportunity and I am so honored to be working on this project. Being a Liberal Studies major myself, I know there are so many great opportunities to learn from, other than within the classroom setting. One example is the summer SOLstice program. This is an online course over the summer, with one week held at Hull Springs Farm. I have participated in this course and it is a wonderful opportunity to learn about how to integrate the different subjects in writing. The video I will be working on will be interviewing professors and showcasing all of the wonderful opportunities that are held. I will be making this video for incoming freshman to show them that they do not have to just attend the normal classes within a normal classroom setting. There are so many different ways to learn outside of the classroom with hands on activities. I have started with details, and I am excited to get it off the ground for these freshman.


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